The Lexus LFA Is One Of The Best-Sounding Cars To Date

To build the LFA, Lexus' first supercar, they required a strong engine that may well compete with the Italians. 

sought Yamaha to create a custom engine for something like the LFA since they lacked experience creating high-performance engines.

Throughout order to make the V10 engine more compact than a V8 and to reduce the centre of gravity (COG) of the vehicle,

Toyota built it from aluminium, magnesium, and titanium and angled the cylinders at 72 degrees. The engine was created by Yamaha with a thicker surge container wall

other highly sophisticated engine parts, and an acoustically upgraded ventilation system that generated a breath-taking sound

 that no one had previously heard before after consulting with their music division to design the acoustics

 Following all of this, the 4.8-liter V10 1LR-GUE engine from the Lexus LFA was