The Lexus LX600 Ultra Luxury only seats four

Look elsewhere because you're searching for a family SUV

Only four seats are available in the full-size SUV LX600 Ultra Luxury

 Other trims include a greater cargo area and three rows of seating.

There are many folks in the same boat as you who wonder why and how this automobile only has four seats.

The Ultra Luxury excels at chauffeuring because it is its intended purpose.

Large, fully reclineable seats are provided for the rear passengers.

 Access to amenities like heated and cooled seats and a massage function is made possible via a large screen in the centre console

You look like you are one of the powerful individuals in the world while you are riding in the back

 And in this group

this full-size SUV really excels.Unfortunately, this seating configuration leaves less capacity for freight.

However, the LX600 Ultra Luxury is plenty as long as you know what you're getting into.

The real issue is whether several of the compromises this SUV makes are justified

Additionally, they might well be capable of accommodating

your request for an SUV-based limousine experience.