The Lucid Gravity Will Be A Class-Leading SUV

Nevertheless, Lucid had 20,000 cars planned for the coming year, but has reduced the goal to 12,000–14,000 instead.

In the third quarter, they built 2,282 automobiles and shipped 1,398 of them. There are approximately than 34,000 reservations in 

the stock exchange announcements. The deal for 100,000 automobiles with Saudi Arabia is not included in that sum. There's going to be the construction of a local industry with local investors.

Its annual capacity will be 155,000 automobiles, compared to the Arizona factory's 350,000 annual production capacity, 

which is currently boosting production from 300 cars per week.

According to Peter Rawlinson, this will take place towards the middle of this decade rather than 

the Tesla Model X or the Mercedes EQS SUV, are planned.