The most technologically advanced car factory in the world is Giga Texas.

This aerial tour displays the cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Mega, Texas. You'll need

to pay careful attention to this video to follow along because of their quick movements.

A mass of robot arms along an assembly line are starting to solder the car's frame and sides together. The

preparation of the car's structure for the next phases makes this a vital step in the manufacturing process.

A machine that moves the side panels along the assembly line so they may be stamped is the following piece of machinery. It is essential

to finish the sides of the automobile in this manner. The remainder of the car, including as the windows, windscreen, tyres, electrical

components, seats, and flooring, may be placed as soon as the frame is finished. There is a brief view of a large robot arm moving a metal frame

at the 39-second mark. I have no idea whether this is the car's roof. Later, as the car proceeds down the assembly line, more robot arms can be seen working on it.