The new Chevy Camino SS that could have been

The Chevrolet Camino was discontinued by General Motors in 1987. The Pontiac G8 ST was going to be the first utility model for the brand 

in 20 years. But why didn't it have a Chevry Camino badge? The Pontiac emblem made sense in a technical

 sense. The Pontiac G8 served as the direct inspiration for the Holden Commodore of the time, while the Holden Ute was a 

Commodore that had been modified. The Chevrolet Caprice and Camaro shared a chassis with the Commodore since both 

vehicles were built on GM's Zeta platform. The Chevrolet Lumina, which General Motors 

sold in the Middle East, some of Asia, and Africa, was also involved. In truth, General 

and value retention (NHTSA). These cars also have all-wheel or four-wheel drive and snow-related safety measures.