The New Redesigned Kona Is More Versatile And Practical

The Hyundai Kona has consistently been a top pick among compact SUVs for consumers seeking adaptability, usefulness, and fashionable style. 

However, Hyundai has raised the bar with the brand-new 2024 Kona. Do you recall the Kona from 2022 first?

Comparatively speaking, the new one has undergone a substantial revamp and now stands out from the competitors thanks to its bold and energetic appearance.

The Kona is guaranteed to draw attention everywhere it travels, from the svelte and futuristic front fascia to the sleek and sculpted body lines.

Look through these sketches. The Kona has been extended, with a 150mm longer body, a 25mm wider stance,  

and a 60mm larger wheelbase, offering lots of space.

However, it's not just about appearances.