The Nissan Frontier packs a powerful V6

A couple of years ago, Nissan unveiled the Nissan Frontier, a brand-new midsize truck that can finally compete with the Ford Ranger,   

the Chevy Colorado, and other models. The Nissan has a V6 engine with 310 horsepower that enables it to perform like larger trucks, which is a major advantage.

It has a 1,600-pound payload capacity in addition to a 6,720-pound towing capacity.

The Frontier is available in S and L versions, both of which cost $34,875 and $29,190 respectively.   

It's clever that the Nissan still has a 2.5-door version that can be ordered with a long bed. The two-wheel drive Pro-X and four-wheel drive Pro-4X models,

which give this truck mountain goat abilities in the wild, 

decent technology, a quick drivetrain, and good design