The One Change 2023 Ford Maverick Owners and Shoppers Want Most

The Ford Maverick truck has inspired brand aficionados and attracted a large number of new customers. In today's pricey auto 

market, the Maverick offers a unique combination of coolness and affordability. Ford's Hybrid Maverick has won over legions of 

admirers, many of whom are trying out green vehicles for the first time, and many more who already own electrified vehicles

but desired a useful utility vehicle with a low carbon footprint and excellent fuel efficiency. Ford's Maverick options list only has one significant 

omission. a hybrid with all-wheel drive.We asked Ford Maverick owners and supporters in the Facebook Ford Maverick Club

to pick one aspect of the car they would like to see altered. The Maverick's owners and supporters were not reserved! 

engine powers the Forester XT. It has 221 lb-ft of torque and 175 horsepower.