The Suzuki Cappuccino Is The Perfect Roadster

Since Kei vehicles are compact and fuel-efficient in Japan, owning one not only saves you money on the car's 

purchase price but also gives you access to lesser taxes and better insurance options.

The range of these Kei vehicles is an additional benefit, giving you a tonne of choices to pick the ideal vehicle for your requirements. 

And what greater Kei vehicle is there than the Suzuki Cappuccino?

The Cappuccino is a sporty automobile that accelerates quickly and weights less than 1,600 lbs. 

The Cappuccino can amazingly go from 0 to 60 in about eight seconds because to its small weight and DOHC turbocharged inline

three-cylinder engine, which generates a meagre 63 HP and 75.9 lb-ft of torque.