The Toyota Highlander is another great Honda Pilot alternative

The Highlander, a seven- or eight-passenger big SUV from Toyota

 is extremely well-liked due of its many amenities,

attractive appearance, and legendary Toyota dependability

The mid-level XSE trim Highlander, which costs around $44,000

has many of the same features as the others on the list

including heated seats and more USB ports than anything you'll probably need.

The Highlander performs admirably, 

but the back seat, which barely has 28 inches of legroom, is only fit for children or jockeys.

A new four-cylinder turbocharged engine was added to the Highlander for 2023

while it has fewer horsepower than the outgoing engine

it seems to have better torque and doesn't hinder acceleration.

 However, we're anticipating the new Grand Highlander,

which will be a long-wheelbase model.