The TRD Pro is the ultimate 2023 Toyota Tacoma

Customers who purchase the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro receive a mid-size vehicle that is equipped for off-road driving right out of the factory

 This pickup truck features an upgraded exhaust system, FOX Internal Bypass shocks, and a locking rear differential.

Off-road, a 2023 orange Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup vehicle is parked.

Additionally, only the V6 engine and four-wheel drive are offered. Better still, a six-speed manual gearbox is still available 

for individuals who desire to shift the gears manually.

Only a five-foot bed is offered with the TRD Pro,

 and it doesn't come inexpensive. Before options, the basic MSRP is $46,685 for this item.

It is almost definitely not really a truck that seems to be affordable due to that price.