There Is Nothing Subtle About This 6X6 Chevy C10 Pickup

The C10 Slayer has a rather unique overall look. It has a broad body kit, a satin black exterior wrapping,  

and distinctive curved bodylines. A wide-body package with brushed Chevy badging,

a set of hinged, lowered headlights, and a lowered front splitter creates a distinctive appearance.

A row of brawny red fuel injectors can be seen above the engine heads.

The C10 has half-rear fenders, a high-mounted spoiler, and a bespoke diffuser at the back to provide some flair.  

This truck is equipped with a pair of red Hot Wheels-inspired 20-inch Govad wheels wrapped in

14-inch Michelin 345/30 ZR 20 tyres for big burnout performances. Additionally connected to Mittler Brothers are the wheels