These $159,000 Electric Chevy Pickup Restomods Are Coming in 2024

You can buy a restored vintage pickup vehicle for six figures in a number of ways, believe it or not. 

It's fantastic that they often take the form of a 1960s or 1970s icon that has been upgraded with a current V8 and nice suspension.

However, Kindred Motorworks is adopting a different approach by

converting 1947–1953 Chevy trucks into battery-powered barnstormers with vintage styling and an electric powertrain that produces 294 horsepower.

I realise that not everyone will enjoy this. But in reality, you can still get a vehicle, patch it up, and install a little block to satisfy your internal combustion need.

 By skillfully integrating a 74-kilowatt-hour battery pack beneath the hood, 

A model-specific High Country grille enters the fold, among other subtle aesthetic adjustments.