This Cool Heritage-Rich Ram 2500 HD “Traveller” Truck Is Designed By A Grammy-Winning Artist

Country music and the Ram 2500 pickup in 2022 seem like a match made in the music charts. It's not unusual for musicians to amass some of 

 the world's sexiest automobiles and trucks. Some of these musicians also had a significant impact on 

 the production of these priceless objects. ZZ Top has everything from TVs to hot tubs, and Grammy-winning country music artist Chris

Stapleton now has his own personalised Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Traveler vehicle. 

 in recognition of the strong bond it has with the automaker. Stapleton and Rahm collaborated on projects for a period. 

Chris planned a Ram Nation performance in 2016 and gave away 

musical instruments to youngsters at his alma mater's school. Along with it,