This Ford Truck Is the Best Car, According to The Drive

There is no secret about the Ford Maverick's popularity. Ford's tiny pickup has demonstrated that Americans will purchase a little pickup

The Maverick vehicle has daily usage, is genuinely inexpensive, and has a pickup-like appearance

The Ford Maverick pickup truck has officially been chosen The Drive's selection for the Best Car of 2022

The Ford Maverick is so well-liked that purchasing one seems practically impossible

To put it mildly, you won't find one parked on a Ford dealership's lot.

It would be good if Ford could find out how to increase the Maverick truck's supply in the future

Whether that is really conceivable is up for debate. 

were updated in 2017 together with the compact crossover Eclipse Cross.

2020 placing wood in blue 2023's sole new model is the Ford Maverick.a pickup vehicle for under $25,000.