This Is The Best Feature Of The New Seltos

The breathtaking panoramic display, which is a first for the class

 and has two 10.25-inch panels, is by far the nicest aspect of the updated 

Seltos. The revolutionary display, which replaces a conventional gauge

cluster, is the centrepiece of the technologically sophisticated cabin and is

comparable to what you may find in contemporary Mercedes-Benz and BMW 

goods and premium EVs. The dashboard's horizontal trim, which echoes

 the new external design components, highlights the display.It is not really surprising that Kia sought to 

extend this feature from the EV6 to a more accessible and well-liked vehicle given the 

industry trend toward simple and contemporary interiors, especially within the bigger wave 

of EVs. A lot of space is freed up and the interior is given more breathing room with fewer 

controls on the centre console and dashboard. However, critics contend touchscreen 

technology is distracting and less useful than conventional buttons in automobiles.