This is the new, fancier Ford Ranger Platinum

Welcome to the Ford Ranger Platinum, which represents Ford's best opportunity to convince Europeans that a pickup truck can be used just once. 

Ford's main selling point is that for family, leisure, and work, you can use it for weekends away or simply Waitrose trips. if you put in a lot of effort, its dressed-up pick-up will help.

There is a 3.0-liter V6 diesel with a towing capability of 3.5 tonnes and more than 235 horsepower and 440 lb ft.

 Oh, and a true four-wheel drive system, of course. The Plutonium specification, however, adds a 10-speed automatic transmission and

 boasts that it has been "re-engineered to decrease noise and vibration.

" It also comes with glitzy features like 20-inch alloy wheels with machined faces, 

privacy glass, and LED lighting.