To Help the Dodge Viper Return as an EV, GranTurismo Trofeo and Folgore CGI-Unite

With its current portfolio, Dodge is really in a perilous situation, making the firm one of the most alluring targets among manufacturers

 if every fan's request were fulfilled. It has long been predicted that at least some of its ICE offspring would retire soon. These are the

internal combustion engine (ICE) Dodge Challenger and Charger, which will no longer be produced after the 2023 model year despite having

 flooded the collector community with no less than seven 'Final Call' special edition models, the last of which will be made available

for a significant event in March. The Banshee EV lifestyle will then become the norm, offering nine levels of mind-blowing

power (up to 1,320 hp with the 800-volt Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust version), but it's 

unclear if both nameplates will survive the change given that Dodge converted the Charger

 rendered things were video game vehicles and skins. Nonetheless, their most recent release included the designer's work and used cars from earlier games.