Toyota is repairing Tundra turbochargers for free

Toyota has promised to fix any Tundra turbochargers that aren't working properly for nothing. 

This is especially encouraging for brand-new vehicle owners given the significant labour expenses associated 

with installing a Tundra turbo. We can only hope that Toyota's new source will hasten the search for parts.

In terms for only fulfilling warranty claims and making sure that their customers are taken care of, Hardy

continued, "Toyota appears to be performing a pretty fantastic job with the new Tundra."

A brand-new truck going into limp mode due to an engine issue is undoubtedly a worrisome 

situation. But keep in mind that Toyota has been attempting to obtain every part of a completely new model,

in the middle of a severe global supply chain crisis.many additional

automakers. It sounds as though the wastegate was indeed a one-time affair, 

really, Hardy said of the incident. That's great, by 

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