Updating The Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Sport Truck For The Modern Era

Marouane Bembli, a digital artist best known for his YouTube account TheSketchMoney, utilises a brand-new clip to demonstrate his artistic abilities while

 driving an electric Ford F-150 pickup truck. The most recent transfers will revive the performance of the venerable F-150 SVT Lightning vehicle and show off 

the potential of the Blue Oval's best-selling truck. It is entertaining to consider the possibilities and appreciate the power of digital style,

even if Bembley's designs never see the light of day. The crew set out to totally redesign

the EV pickup using Bembley's original gas-powered Lightning SVT. For a straightforward cabin design, the back door is cut. 

The body was later removed, and low profile tyres were fitted. 

The last flourish on the front has undergone a thorough overhaul. These efforts add up.