Used R35 Nissan GT-Rs Will Soon Be Worth A Fortune

Due to its standard setup, which includes a small twin-turbo six-pot that buzzes 

continuously and a manual gear control that lets you choose ratios in addition to 

automatic changes, the R35 gives raw power and pure enjoyment. Who doesn't want a 

sports car with supercar features like manual control and the growl of a V6 in an era 

where hybridization and electrification are the norm? These features have made the R35 a living

legend, and its traditional powertrain and extensive history have elevated

 it to the status of a modern-day classic car on the market. Only pre-owned R35s are for

sale now that production has officially halted.Depending on condition

 the starting MSRP for the 2019 R35 may be as low as $106,275 or as high as 

$113,475. The base price of the 2020 R35 is $124,225, while the NISMO trim costs 

$250,000. The cost increases to $130,000 for the 2021 model year. The 2022 Nissan

 already wrung an astounding 3,000 horsepower from a single unit, so this is only the beginning.