Voyah Zhuiguang Is A Luxurious Electric Sedan From China With 510 HP

The Zhuiguang, the third production model under the premium EV brand Voyah from Dongfeng Motor Corporation,  

has recently been introduced in China. The Zhuiguang, an electric vehicle, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2023 at

a value ranging from 322,900 yuan to 432,900 yuan ($46,310 - $62,100).

The company's ESSA+SOA platform, which supports battery-electric, hybrid, and hydrogen powertrains,  

serves as the foundation for the Zhuiguang. Customers will be offered the option of choosing an 86 kWh or 109 kWh battery pack,

with stated ranges of 580 km (360 miles) 

and 730 km (453 miles), respectively.