What Does HPD Stand for and Is Honda’s HPD Package Worth It?

A few years ago, Honda Ridgeline vehicles with a rougher appearance began to appear at dealers.

 The HPD upgrades, which included flares, bronze wheels, and some graphics on the bed, made it clear that Honda wasn't messing around.

What exactly does HPD mean? HPD seemed to convey "performance" in a similar way to BMW's M badges or Toyota's TRD badges. 

But we're here to explain that for the brand-new 2023 Honda Pilot or 2023 Ridgeline,

it doesn't actually signify anything. Honda Performance Development is the abbreviation. Honda racing cars and engines are designed by the HPD department, 

which has had great success. The HPD team, which is located in the United States, has won several IndyCar manufacturer's championships. 

Additionally, their vehicles have triumphed in numerous endurance events in addition to the Indy 500. The factory-built race car's creators, the HPD team,