What Made The CVT Cobra R So Special

A highly unique engine was at the centre of the Mustang SVT Cobra R. This 32-V8 DOHC engine has a 90-degree rake.

a 5.4-liter, one of the most powerful V8 engines ever seen in a muscle vehicle. This engine was created by SVT and has

 a pretty practical 385 horsepower. That amount of horsepower is more than sufficient, and it reduces the 0-60 mph time to only 4.7 seconds—a pace that, 

 in 2022, is easily comparable with that of many sports vehicles. The SVT Cobra R's impressive 1/4-mile 

 run time is 13.2 seconds, and its peak speed is 170 mph. Once more,

 these are figures that are more than acceptable and that are

competitive with many of the modern sports vehicles.