Which came first, GMC or Chevy?

In 1900, brothers Max and Morris Grabowski established GMC as a vehicle manufacturer. Chevy was formed in 1911 by race car racer Louis Chevrolet.

GMC and Chevrolet have a rich, intertwined history. The Grabowsky brothers had great success supplying fleets with trucks and delivery vehicles. William C.

Durant, who founded General Motors, had the idea of a single company with a variety of brands for various demographics.

Their company was formerly known as Grabowski Motor Vehicle Company until they changed its name to Rapid Motor Vehicle Company.

In 1908, he started purchasing Rapid stock, and by 1909, he had integrated Rapid into GM. 

 By 1911, General Motors had fired Durant as an executive. 

 He co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Company with Swiss-American racing racer Louis Chevrolet.