Which Has the Greatest 450-HP Six-Cylinder? An Audi S5, a BMW M340i, or a Mercedes C 43 AMG?

While there is a hierarchy of animal equality, in the end all species are the same. This famous phrase from George Orwell is more accurate

when applied to horses than it is in other contexts. In this usage, the term "horse" does not relate to the four-legged, cart-pulling

mammalian draught animals of the Equus genus, but rather to the kind of mechanical activity covered by the British term "horsepower.

Once again thinking over the story's opening line, consider the following formula: How much horsepower do you mean—more

than 450 or fewer than 450? The article intentionally uses repetition because it covers details that are essential to comprehending why Audi defeated BMW and Mercedes.

How did we go from a 79-year-old tale of an English beast to another clash between German brand rivals?

 George Orwell finished writing Animal Farm in February 1944, but the typescript was almost lost when

 rendered things were video game vehicles and skins. Nonetheless, their most recent release included the designer's work and used cars from earlier games.