Who Builds the Greatest Automobiles? Subaru has now won the title of top mainstream brand.

Who is now responsible for producing the best cars money can buy? Subaru's selection of

mainstream (non-luxury) vehicles has been named the best overall by Consumer Reports as

of 2023. Subaru performed the best last year when compared to other manufacturers. 

Subaru managed to win the prize for best mainstream carmaker despite losing the top spot to BMW this year.

The Consumer Reports annual report card, which assessed 32 manufacturers, named Subaru as the top mainstream brand in 2023. Subaru

surpasses every significant rival, including the luxury brand Lexus as well as Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai. Subaru is the top-scoring

mainstream brand with a score of 79. Mini (79), Honda (77), Toyota (76), Mazda (75), Kia (73), 

at the 39-second mark. I have no idea whether this is the car's roof. Later, as the car proceeds down the assembly line, more robot arms can be seen working on it.