Why are Kias and Hyundais getting stolen so often?

Since when have you seen a brand-new vehicle with a real metal key

It has been some while. In many respects, the switch to key fobs was an effort to prevent auto theft.

The Family Handyman claims that the computer chip in key fobs talks with a chip in the automobile to determine if the vehicle is ready to start. 

A common feature of keyless vehicles is an engine immobiliser

 which stops the engine from starting unless a certain chip is present

It turns out, though, that a small number of late-model Kia and Hyundai vehicles were produced without said 

immobiliser, allowing "hotwiring" these vehicles both feasible and ostensibly simple. In Milwaukee, 57 percent of the 

vehicles taken in 2022 were Kias, demonstrating how concentrated the issue is there.