Why The BMW E46 M3 CSL Is Still Considered The Best M Car

The renowned E46 M3 Coupe was upgraded to become the classic BMW M3 CSL. Coupe Sport Lightweight is the abbreviation for

the special CSL designation, which pays homage to the storied BMW 3.0 CSL of the 1970s. For the ultimate E46 M3,

BMW has brought back the unique CSL designation after over 30 years. BMW undoubtedly shown the car industry what its racing division is capable of.

It's true that many people still regard the legendary E46 M3 CSL as the pinnacle of automobile design.

In 2003, the powerful M3 CSL made its appearance, ready to compete with Porsche's extreme 911 GT3. 

At first, the CSL was met with mixed reviews, largely because it cost more than

the incredibly competent regular M3 Coupe.