Why U.S. News loves the Mercedes’s latest electric car

The Mercedes-Benz EQS's acceleration skills have received high accolades from critics.   

You can move swiftly among both powertrains because to their strong torque outputs and whisper-quiet operation.

However, rather than being athletic, its handling is typically described as "well-rounded" in evaluations.

The EQS didn't exhibit much body roll, and reviewers praised the vehicle's smooth ride in all driving settings. Drivers particularly like 

the 10-degree rear-axle steering, as well as how simple it is to control the regenerative brakes.

Numerous EQS evaluations also laud the interior's construction quality, praising the luxurious leather seats and elegant wood trim. 

The majority of critics seemed pleased by the Mercedes-Benz EQS's spaciousness despite its sloped roofline. Reviews agree that the EQS is likewise quite comprehensive.