Will a Tesla Car Last Longer Than a Nissan LEAF?

Although it represents a new standard in the market for inexpensive electric vehicles (EVs),

 the Nissan LEAF is not quite as well-designed as Tesla's vehicles

But the LEAF is a logical substitute for the base-model Tesla Model 3 or even the Tesla Model S thanks to its affordable pricing,

reliable warranty, and commendable electric range. But can the LEAF outlive a Tesla EV in terms of durability?

The Nissan EV might not be up to the challenge, according to iSeeCars' longevity analysis.

Although the LEAF's performance isn't up to par with a Tesla

 it's still a viable alternative because to its mix of affordability, dependability, range, and features.

Hopefully more electric vehicles will appear on longevity lists in the future and serve as trustworthy substitutes for long-lasting sedans.