Yes, for about $75,000 you can add tank treads to your G-Wagon

Wide caterpillar treads are the ideal for navigating difficult snow and mud, as snowmobiles and tanks have known for years. 

After all, tyres have a propensity to drive themselves in and leave you stranded. Therefore, the 40-year-old German 

business Delta 44 decided to create a refit kit for  the AMG G63, Mercedes' most costly SUV.

This SUV's turbocharged V8 engine has the strength to spin these challenging tracks. In addition to

the $180,00 price tag for the G63, Delta claims that the tracks will set you back 50,000 euros,

 or $53,000. A further $20,000 may be needed for the tracks to be installed.

But what better method to distinguish your AMG?