You can’t have reliable Toyota trucks and SUVs without the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner is deserving of a second look if you're seeking for an SUV that can do it all. It is more capable 

off-road than the competitors and offers enough configuration options to meet the demands of a wide range of 

customers. Additionally, the price range makes it that much more affordable for individuals seeking a trustworthy Toyota 

truck or SUV for less than $30,000.

Unfortunately, the 4Runner lacks safety technologies

which may turn off some customers. It is equipped with Brake Assist, Downhill Assist Handling

Smart Stop Technology, and Downhill Assist Control for greater control in specific circumstances.

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner received a four-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Price range on the list: $24,351 to $54,998