What is the battery life of Tesla Model X 100D in India?

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Tesla Model X 100D car which has been spotted in India. Which is an electric crossover car. It is not that Tesla’s car has come for the first time in India, many Tesla cars have been made available in India before but it was Tesla Model X 75D. See, we all know that Tesla cars are very expensive, but still Tesla’s Model X Hundred D is being liked a lot in India and it has been owned by many people in India. Talking about the price of Tesla Model X Hundred in India,

its United States price is $ 1, 35, 200. And if we talk about the price of which in India, its price including import duty and taxes etc. has been fixed up to Rs.1.5 crore. For your information, let us tell you that the driving license in America is left hand drive in America but the Tesla Model X 100 imported in India is a right hand drive. As we all know that Tesla’s cars are coming electric and Tesla’s Model X Hundred D car is an electric sedan SUV car. And in which 3rd row seat is also given as well as Falcon wing doors are installed in this Tesla Model X Hundred D. Which is giving a very stylish look and at the same time it is also very convenient. Let us tell you that all wheel drive system has been given in Tesla Model X Hundred D. If we talk about the motor of Tesla Model X 100D, then it has 100

The KWH is powered by a battery and dual electric motors on both axles. Much better and the front axle motor is capable of generating 259 bhp and 329 unit meters of torque. Its real motor is capable of generating 5.3 bhp power and 660 newton meter torque. Tesla’s car is really a great car and if you are giving information about Tesla Model X Hundred D in this article or Caravan is a great car and if we talk about its features,

then it is in terms of its features. It is very much better in which it is able to keep its customer happy always and which does not let its customers disappointed because of any of its features. Tesla Model X Hundred is very much designed to look at as it has wing doors. Due to which the Tesla Model X Hundred D has got four moons and it looks very different and luxurious from the rest of the cars. As we all know that Tesla’s stories are in the news every day and it is known all over the world because of its excellent features, let us tell you that Tesla’s cars are one of the most expensive cars in the world. .

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